Friday, February 11, 2011


Friday & Saturday, April 15th & 16th 10:00am-6:00pm
with a reception on Saturday 6:00pm-8:00pm
hors d' oeuvres & beverages


  1. Very nice. How did you get this in your galley. I m a veteran, local vets would probably love to see this.

  2. A nephew of someone I graduated high school with contacted me about showing in the gallery and it grew out of the interaction with that young man...his name is Terry Shipps, he too is a veteran...I'm hoping to bring attention to all of our vets past & present, not just on veterans day or memorial day but everyday...

  3. Bravo, I will be there for sure. I am a wounded regular guy. I am an alcoholic sober 9 years. When I got sober I started to draw now its crazy wonderful recover art.

    God Bless, Parker

  4. Sounds like a FANTASTIC SHOW! I came by to visit your studio yesterday, but just missed you as you were at lunch. Could you please give me some more info on both of the organizations that were mentioned in the paper? I will be there for the show!
    Thank you
    Crystal O.

  5. @ Moonshiner Art...sorry to have missed you!!! both are easily found when googled...The Wounded Warrior Project helps veterans adjust once they are home in a broad scope...The Wounded Artist Project gives wounded veterans art supplies...lessons...etc...wounded warrior project site is wounded artist project site is