Wednesday, June 8, 2011


The current direction of my work has coincided with an awakening personal, political activism, a decline of our nation’s fortunes, reputation throughout the world and societal ills. The work is a reaction to our country’s current state of affairs. Prior to and as America elected its first African American president, the country slipped into an economic, philosophic and moral morass. Financial crises, ethical and moral issues, attacks on our freedoms were and still are prevalent in daily reports and our lives. Democracy, America’s standing in the world, Capitalism and the foundations of our belief system have been shaken to its core. My piece is a rebuke of the American medias incessant and incestuous fascination with celebrities to the detriment of important world affairs. The Ostrich being the media,its feathers depicting global crisis, The Breaking News: Miley Cyrus Cancels Twitter Page And Angers Father exhibiting their indifference.

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